Outsourcing at S&T

The outsourcing strategy of S&T is based on market needs. Technology is rapidly changing and business needs are growing. Today, IT enables us to gather analytical data in order to facilitate decision-making processes and to measure and create efficient business processes.

The role of IT is changing and companies are ready to assign IT partners to manage their IT infrastructure and services on their behalf, so they can focus more in their business needs. The market anticipates such needs and the S&T Group appropriately complies with these requirements.

Customer Benefits:

  • One stop shop - SnT provides broad range of IT services and products
  • Flexibility in meeting customer needs
  • Implementation of proven best practices; high professional standard – increase of IT operation stability, as well as guaranteed continuous operation of the information system
  • The definition of the appropriate SLA model based on the analysis of customer business requirements
  • Standard processes, methods/methodologies (i.e. project management) and tools
  • Focus on core business
  • Liberation of the internal employee sources

S&T portfolio of outsourcing services

An important part of S&T portfolio is workplace outsourcing; and the most popular within it becomes printing outsourcing  - Managed Printing Services (MPS).