License procurement

Professional License Management

- Optimisation of licenses costs
- Optimisation of the buying process of licenses
- Determination of under- or over-licensing
The numbers of end-devices and of software products used in companies never stops growing. Growing equally fast is the complexity of the associated license contracts. This, in turn, is elevating the importance of licenses management, and is increasing the difficulty of keeping on top of the ensuing costs, legal risks and administrative encumbrances. The way to master this challenge is to implement a sustainable approach.

S&T's intelligent software asset management tools enable you to maintain control over your software portfolio – and to reduce your licensing costs.

To achieve this, S&T's licenses management professionals institute the following approach:

1. conducting manual and/or software-based all-encompassing audits of software employed
2. taking inventory of extant licenses
3. compilation of a licenses balance sheet, ascertainment of over-licensing or under-licensing
4. optimization of licensing procurement costs and processes

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