Network & security

Secure, reliable and performant networks

- Planning of networks and security solutions
- Implementation of relevant hardware
Rapidly and reliably operating networks form the backbones of IT systems that are capable of furnishing data on a 24/7 and disturbance-free basis. This level of performance is achieved by the provision of the requisite technical infrastructure and the assurance of IT security. This key and encompassing topic forms party of our professional IT concepts.

Our era is marked by ever-changing and ever-more complex threats to network security. Countering these requires much more than the employment of firewalls and anti-virus software.

S&T offers all services required to implement the measures imparting the highest level of quality and security to networking operation. These services include the planning of network and security solutions, and the implementation and operation of related hardware (no commitments to producers) and software. You can see list of partners here.

S&T also has innovative and high-performance proprietary security appliances. Get further information on these products here.