Mobility solutions

Mobile Technology optimally used

- Connection of mobile devices to existing IT-systems
- Standardised solutions for Workforce and Facility Management
- Project-specific Software developement to illustrate mobile processes
- Standardised Mobile Enterprise Application Platform

S&T's AMIT brand offers solutions innovatively integrating mobile places of work into corporate IT systems. The result: increases of operating efficiency and optimization of costs – and the mobile depiction of business processes. AMIT has also developed the “Mobile Enterprise Application Platform” (MEAP). This standardized and project specifications-adaptable platform permits clients to integrate a wide range of such backend systems as ERP, CRM and SCM – plus a variety of databases – into mobile processes. This integration makes client operations future-safe by providing staff members with mobile access to such processes.

The company has implemented a very large number of projects in the areas of mobile workforce management and quality assurance. This enables it to avail itself of a unique stock of knowhow. This is applied in such classic ways as the creation of mobile solutions and paperless products used by clients' customer-service organizations, of paper-less checklists employed in the conducting of audits, and of fully-electronic process management systems deployed in facility management.

The software is capable of being seamlessly integrated into extant mobile device management solutions.