23.09.2013 | Serbia

VBS successfully completed one of the most complex implementations of SAP in the region

VBS successfully completed one of the most complex implementations of SAP in the regionS&T Serbia je uspešno završila projekat SAP ERP implementacije u „Valjaonici Bakra Sevojno“ i kompaniji East Point Metals.

Valjaonica Bakra Sevojno (VBS) operates within the multinational company East Point Group whose headquarters are in Cyprus and which, apart from the metal industry, also operates in real estate and engineering fields and renders brokerage services as well. Given a diversity of activities East Point is dealing with, its international character (operations in Serbia, Russia, Germany, …) and the number of group members (more than 10), it was necessary to implement a unique and comprehensive information and business system which would successfully integrate business processes of VBS and other affiliated companies of the East Point Metals.

One of the major project goals and hopes of VBS’ and East Point Metals’ representatives is to provide an adequate backing of operating procedures through a reasonable business solution for well-timed, fast and cost-efficient management of all corporate resources. The SAP operating software seemed to be good solution for all these requirements, so we decided to implement the system through S&T Serbia.

IT director of the Point group Milos Mihaljevic stated on the occasion of succsessful project completion: “Bearing in mind the importance and complexity of the project which involves Valjaonica Bakra Sevojno and all related companies held by East Point, a huge attention was paid to making decision on a suitable partner. We finally decided to hire S&T knowing that we will deal with international company of high expertise and experience in implementation of SAP projects both in our country and in the region, and that they have well experienced and proven team of consultants. It turned out that we’ve made the right choice as the project was realized according to set schedule – in planed 16 months, and as it covers all particularities of the copper production and conversion, but alslo those of the stock market operations which represent another East Point activity.”

The implemented SAP modules under the project are: FI, CO, EC-CS, MM, SD, HR, PP-PI, PM and QM, which cover practically the complete operations. The project involved also parallel implementation of the required SAP ERP modules in other VBS subsidiaries and within the East Point companies in Germany, Cyprus and Russia, as well as the delivery of SAP licenses and “roll-outs”. Some of the key benefits and improvements are the quality of reporting on the operational and strategic levels, process cost reduction (elimination of unnecessary actions under the process), establishment of the full control over the process in the sense that it exactly recognizes a person responsible for the process (beginning, work on the process and the end or the exit from the process), better management of movements, risks and human and material resources, automated synchronization of data among the companies (initially among members of the EPM group, and later with partner companies too).