01.06.2018 | Serbia

One year of e-ZUP project (Government Service Bus)

In the first year, 245 state authorities began to use the information system "eZUP", which in this way exchanged over 200,000 documents. Until just a year ago, the citizens had to collect the documents themselves. This project, like many other eGovernment projects (eGovernment portal, e-Vehicle registration, e-Babies, e-Inspector and others) was realized in cooperation with S&T Serbia.

eZUP information system development project has provided the public administration and self-government administration employees with a simple tool for prescribed checking of the documents, which have until now had to be obtained and presented as evidence by the citizens themselves, and all this in order to give full support to implementation of the Law on General Administrative Procedure (LGAP).

eZUP system uses the current mechanism of user registration for the eGovernment Portal, which means the employees of the public and self-government authorities register for the eGovernment portal by means of the qualified electronic certificates, and through the SSO (Single-Sign-On) mechanism they access the new system, without a need for new registration. The users have options available depending on their rights allocated to them within the system.

eZUP system consists of several modules, the central one being the module for creation of G2G electronic services to support the new LGAP. This solution provides independent creation of the electronic services by using the wizard, which leads the user through the pre-set steps to the successfully created eZUP service. A special wizard’s step is a generator of the electronic form, which allows setting of an arbitrary number of the predefined groups of elements. Each of the element groups corresponds to the data to be used for searching of the relevant electronic register and presenting of the returned data.
eZUP system contains a separate module for electronic services created by the generator. This part of the system may be accessed only by a special users group; and the procedure of data gathering and printing requires entry of the basic information related to the administrative procedure based on which the procedure has been initiated.
The solution had to meet one more authorization criterion for information acquiring from the register. Assigning this right to users who are authorized to start eZUP electronic services is performed in two cycles, and starts by assignment of the rights by the service provider (web service owner) at the level of the authority, followed by assignment of rights to the individual system users by the authorized authority. Rights are assigneed up to the level of the individual administrative procedures for each web service.
Taking into account the need for direct communication between two public administration and self-government authorities, the eZUP system had a task to enable sending of applications of variable format with electronic signatures, their reception and subsequent delivery of reply in the form of the electronic document.

Today eZUP connects 18 databases of 8 major institutions in Serbia: registers of the Ministry of Public Administration and Local Self-Government, databases of Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Finance – Treasury and Tax Administration, Pension and Disability Insurance Fund, National Employment Service,Central Registry of Compulsory Social Insurance, Republic Geodetic Authority and Ministry of Justice, and S&T Serbia continues with further successful development of eGovernment projects.