Smart Energy

Intelligent energy management

- Holistic support in smart energy projects
- Smart metering / smart grid solutions
- Development of hard- and software products
Networked Energy Services Corporation (NES) maintains its primary R&D facility in Silicon Valley (CA) with an additional application and software innovation center in Fargo (ND). NES is one of the world's leading smart energy companies. The company, which was formerly part of Echelon Corporation, develops and produces OSGP-based (“Open Smart Grid Protocol”) hardware and software solutions for intelligent power grids. Millions of these products have been installed and are operating successfully at market leading utilities around the world including E.ON, Fortum, SEAS, Vattenfall and Duke Energy. NES' business focus is the development and sale of its NES system, which includes utility data center software, field distributed application nodes and OSGP compliant devices used for advanced metering, control and grid data collection. Currently, there are more than 4 million OSGP based smart end point devices installed by utilities around the world.

NES sells its products through worldwide Value Added Resellers (VARs). Smart grids, enabled by the NES system, feature the secure, reliable transmission of data – enabled by intelligent power grid components – between energy suppliers and consumers. This increases the efficiency of networks, and gives rise to new services and models for the calculation of invoices based on supply and demand. Such grids will also expedite the expansion of sustainable energy-based grids and enable consumers to become active participants in energy conservation. NES brings utilities a single, open, extensible infrastructure over which they can run a wide set of functions that enable them to realize savings, efficiency gains and revenue enhancements in metering, customer services, distribution operations, and allied areas. The system also enables utilities to improve service quality and customer retention capability while setting the stage for future in-premise applications.

Ubitronix is a holistic provider specialized on smart energy systems. More than 200,000 installed smart meters, based on the Unified Intelligent Energy Management System (Unified IEM), are under administration of the Company within the D-A-CH region. With more than 100,000 smart meters in a project with an Austrian energy provider is currently one of the largest of such projects in the German speaking area.

Ubitronix system solutions gmbh supports utilities in tackling the ever growing challenges of liberalized energy markets with its Unified IEM approach which not only permits automated reading of electricity, gas, water and heat meters, but also covers load management, home and building automation, power quality monitoring, and street lighting, all within one solution. In addition, ubitronix offers a series of communication, metering and load management products which integrate seamlessly into the Networked Energy Services (NES) system of Echelon. The comprehensive range of services also contain technology and process consulting, in-house development of hardware and software products or support in dealing with standards and legal requirements.