S&T Serbia – the first Nutanix Scaler partner in Eastern Europe

23.04.2020 | Serbia

Since May 1st, 2020, S&T Serbia has become a Nutanix Scaler partner - the first such partner in Eastern Europe.

Previously, S&T Serbia was a Nutanix Pioneer partner, and now is the first one in Eastern Europe to meet the stringent requirements for a higher - Scaler partnership level. This level of partnership implies that S&T experts possess strong sales and technical proficiencies and can develop integrated solutions, inclusive of the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud ecosystem nutanix.com/partners .

Nutanix is a Silicon Valley company with over 5,000 employees. Nutanix is developing a cloud operating system through which the data centers can be software controlled.The complex system of hardware and heterogeneous services, which used to be very difficult to maintain, could nowadays be controlled with Nutanix software as easily as applications on a smartphone.

Nutanix's pioneering and leadership role as a vendor and S&T Serbia as a partner - makes it a win-win combination for the multicloud era.

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