Information service e-Inspector - one of the three best innovative initiatives

10.07.2019 | Serbia

The online information service e-Inspector, in which S&T Serbia played a significant development role on behalf of the Office for IT and e-Government, is completed and has started working. At this year’s Europe Leaders’ Meeting in London, e-Inspector was recognized as one of the three best innovative initiatives at the Emerging Europe Award ceremony, receiving a special commendation (link) .

This online service is used for planning and management of all public sector inspections. It will improve coordination between inspections, automation of inspection services and more efficient supervision. This will reduce costs, increase transparency and cut down the number of procedures required around all these inspections. This project has shown that Serbia’s e-Government services are also recognized internationally amongst the top achievements in the IT services industry.

Commenting on the e-Inspector award, S&T Serbia CEO Rajko Jovanovic said this project should be used as an example to motivate those working on similar projects that will make a difference across other services.

"E-Inspector encourages us all to continue to be more innovative and efficient in creating such services in the future. I believe that the logic we used on this project should be replicated on similar projects in the future. We are proud of the fact that we were part of a team that has managed to create such a complex and advanced service as eInspector. We are grateful to our partners, above all Enetel and the Office for Information Technology as a leader of this project, on professionalism and team work" – said Rajko Jovanovic, director of S&T Serbia.

Director of the Office for Information Technology and e-Government Mihailo Jovanović pointed out that the eInspecter enables a higher level of efficiency of inspection supervision in the Republic of Serbia. Jovanović said the aim of eInspector is to increase the level of regulations implementation with minimal "inspection burden" on businesses. Jovanovic added that eIspector brings together the best ideas and best practice in inspection supervision in the world here in Serbia.

"Out of a total of 227 nominated projects in 16 categories, the Office of IT and e-Government with the information system eInspector was ranked in the top 10 innovative initiatives of the year. In London we have achieved great success because eInspector was among the top three in the category of an innovative initiative. In this category companies and organizations are competing to show the best examples of implemented innovative practices and technologies in their products, services or processes, they were also looking at results that saw significant efficiencies. The information system eInspector covers all 43 inspection services in the Republic of Serbia" – said Jovanovic.

This is not the first time a project involving S&T has received international acclaim. In 2011, the eGovernment portal was the winner of The European IT Excellence Awards, which was awarded to S&T in London.

S&T has been operating in Serbia for more than 20 years during which time it has implemented a whole range of projects. S&T has been involved from the establishment of e-Government in Serbia. Starting with the "e-Government" portal, then onto "e-Vehicle Registration", "Baby, Welcome to the World", "e-ZUP" (Government Service Bus), "e-Court" to the latest project "e-Inspector" . All these e-Government services have been introduced to improve the efficiency and availability of public information and online services.